Betzwood Movie Database


Surviving Films By Year

Here is a chronology of Betzwood Films known or believed to be still in existence.

[Film Codes]

  • [*] = films not yet been obtained for the Betzwood Archive.
  • [1r] = number of reels in the film.
  • [v] = Archive owns VHS copy only.
  • [inc] = incomplete films.
  • [D] = Film has been digitized.






  • Race Suicide: Historic drama with Ormi Hawley, Earl Metcalfe. (Only the “Roman Episode” reel survives) [1 of 6r-inc]
  • A Ready-Made Maid: Comedy with Billie Reeves, directed by Earl Metcalfe. [1r-D]






  • Breaking Home Ties: Dramatic feature with Lee Kohlmar, Rebecca Weintraub. Directed by Frank Seltzer. [*5r]

c. 1923

  • Song Film: Concert film with sing-along words. [1r-inc]

2 thoughts on “Betzwood Movie Database

  1. Rob Caldwell

    I have an old film poster “Lubin Presents” The Drug Terror (Evils of Cocaine) Sociological Research Film Corporation in Co-Operation with Mrs. William K. Vandelbilt’s National Crusade. Does anyone know the history of this film?

  2. Maria Cimini

    Hi there,
    my father just told me that his father was ina Lubin production at Betzwood filmed around 1912. He played one of several workers picking up a railroad tie. He had laughingly told my father how he was expecting the the tie to be real, that is heavy and put his back into it but it flew into the air made out of balsawood or paper. My question is what movie could this have been and is it possible to see it somehow? Yours hopefully, Maria

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