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Wilna Hervey, Actress and Artist

The Smiling Cowboy: Louis Bennison


4 thoughts on “Betzwood Actors

  1. Liz Nussear

    Mary Pickford also filmed there. My great Aunt, Emma Reinauer and her husband Fred worked for Lubin. Emma was the cook. She had photos of Mary Pickford. The photos were stolen from her, and sold to Channel 12.

    • Joe Eckhardt

      Liz, thank you for adding two more names to our list of the personnel at the Betzwood studio. I don’t think we had previously heard of Emma and Fred Reinauer. What a shame that your great aunt’s photos were stolen. It is true that Mary Pickford visited the Betzwood Studio in 1914. Siegmund Lubin wined and dined her and took her out to Betzwood to impress her. He wanted to star her in a movie. However, when it came time to discuss salary, she demanded much more money than Lubin was willing to spend. So, she never did make a movie for Lubin. They remained friends, however, until his death in 1923.

      • Jacqueline Gray

        I’m fairly sure Mary Pickford did do some film work for Mr Lubin. Whether or not the movie completed production, I don’t know. My family lived in Gladwyne, PA at the time. Lubin studios was filming a scene at the old Claypool house on the corner of Youngsford and Rose Glen Roads, and my grandfather rode his Indian motorcycle there to watch. Mary Pickford came over to him, told him she had never ridden on a motorcycle and would he give her a ride. Of course he was thrilled to do so and off they went. Only problem was, he drove the motorcycle with Mary on the back past our house with my grandmother sitting on the front porch! Needless to say she was not too happy, assuming he was flirting with another woman. But when she realized it was Mary Pickford, she let him off the hook. The whole town turned out the next day to watch Miss Pickford filming, and I remember my grandfather recalling how they rigged equipment to make it look like the Claypool house was burning down. This has been a cherished memory in our family for generations – my grandfather’s fifteen minutes of fame!

  2. jeckhard

    I can only repeat what I said previously: Mary Pickford did not make any films for Lubin. This is a well established and documented fact. She visited the Betzwood studio at Lubin’s invitation in 1914, but never made any films for Lubin. In fact, she was specifically asked about this in the early 1970s a few years before her death. In her letter of reply, which is now in a private collection, she said that she made no films for Lubin.

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