Skipper’ Narrow Escape


This film was the part of a series of films based on the popular newspaper comic strip “The Toonerville Trolley” by Fontaine Fox. Fox was personally involved in the productions, designing and building the trolleys used on camera and writing many of the scenarios. His scripts make frequent reference to Prohibition and involve much humor derived from the ongoing battles between the “wets” and “drys” of fictional Toonerville.

The Skipper, (Dan Mason) who pilots the Toonerville Trolley, foils an attempt by Miss Cynthia Snoop and a detective to find evidence of his home brew. A subplot features the comically disastrous events in the Spriggins household when the Powerful Katrinka (Wilna Hervey) accidentally destroys the household plumbing while trying to catch a mouse.

Scenes were shot in and near Williams Corner, in Chester County, along the Phoenixville, Valley Forge and Strafford trolley line that ran from downtown Phoenxville to Valley Forge Park.

Produced by the Betzwood Film Company and directed by Ira M. Lowry. Featuring Wilna Hervey, Dan Mason, Helen Gerould Rose, Robert Maximillian, Betty Bovee and Fred O’Beck.


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