The Exile


Synopsis: “Tom” (Jack Standing), loves “Katherine” (Isabel Lamon) but her father tells Tom to make a name for himself first. Tom “goes west,” (actually West Norriton) and strikes it rich. One day a “wicked half-breed” tries to blow him up and nearly succeeds. Back East, Tom is reported to have been killed. Tom is nursed back to health by “Mary” (Jennie Nelson). Meanwhile, Katherine marries “Jack” (John Ince). Tom sees a vision of his girl back east and rushes back to New York,  only to arrive just after the wedding. He returns to the West, where we know he will find happiness with Mary.

Dramatic lighting effects and a “vision” add to the visual interest of the film. Look for downtown Philadelphia standing in for New York City. The likely director, John Ince, was the brother of the more famous silent director,  Thomas Harper Ince, who worked at his famous studio, Inceville in California.

An English-born actor, Jack Standing, who made several films for Lubin at Betzwood, also went on to co-star with William S. Hart in Hell’s Hinges. His career was cut short by his sudden death in 1917.

Lubin Manufacturing Company, 1913. Starriing Jack Standing, Jennie Nelson, John Ince, Isabelle Lamon.  Director unknown, perhaps John Ince.


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