The Feud


This short film was made in Delaware county just outside Philadelphia and illustrates the difficulties Lubin had in filming westerns in eastern scenery. The Betzwood studio, purchased the following year, was designed to permit directors to create more authentic western conditions by building a western village, and a fake desert. While the film seems disjoined and appears to be missing footage, this is apparently the way it was released. The basic elements are: a father in his sickbed refuses permission for two lovebirds to marry. The suitor, a cowboy called Buck (Harry Myers), comes with guns blazing and steals away his bride. In the end everyone is happily reconciled.

Lubin Manufacturing Company, 1911. Runtime 5:32. Featuring Harry Myers, Charles Brandt.

Library copy: The source videotape was derived from a 16mm film print, which was derived from the 35mm nitrate original. There are no credits on these copies, the credits have been derived from the Internet Movie Database and other sources.


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