The Price of Victory


The Price of Victory is a two-reel Civil War drama and one of nearly two dozen such films made at Lubin’s Betzwood studio in the years 1913-1915. While the story and acting are not memorable, the film is noteworthy for its realistic battle sequences. Lending authenticity to these scenes is the fact that all of the uniforms and equipment were genuine left-overs from the Civil War which had ended less than fifty years before. Much of the film was shot in old Port Kennedy and the surrounding countryside, all of which is now part of Valley Forge National Park. Critics at the time wondered why the studio included the long shot of the bridge, as it revealed that the creek was shallow enough to wade across and the bridge not worth fighting over.

Lubin Manufacturing Company, 1913. Directed by John Ince (brother of Thomas Harper Ince). Featuring John Ince and Rosetta Brice.


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