The Sheriff’s Mistake



Synopsis: Secret Service agent, “James” (Edgar Jones), is looking for “Big Bill,” a bandit who has just held up the stage coach. “Nellie” (Clara Williams), a ranchman’s daughter, hears a description of the outlaw and mistakes James for the crook. She points the accusing finger and the posse locks him up. Then she discovers the truth and has to catch the bandit herself. James puts the handcuffs on Nellie in the end and they live happily ever after.

Lubin Manufacturing Company, 1912. Starring Edgar Jones and Clara Williams. Scenario by Geraldine Harrison Grey. Directed by Francis J. Grandon


One thought on “The Sheriff’s Mistake

  1. Annmarie Andrew

    Is there a digital copy of The Sheriffs Mistake availble as it was written by my grandmother and I would like to purchase a copy if possible.

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