The Skipper’s Flirtation


Although this film literally had to be reassembled from reels containing pieces in random order, it turned out to be completely intact. One of the best surviving Fontaine Fox scenarios, the plot follows the folks in Toonerville through the chaos wrought by the fact that Aunt Eppie Hogg (she of the multi-ton avoirdupois) gets a cinder in her eye while riding behind the trolley on her special platform. Aunt Eppie’s sight is cleared up right away, but no one else in Toonerville can see  straight for a week.

In addition to scenes taken near Williams Corner outside Phoenixville, much of the film was shot in old Port Kennedy and among the now-vanished buildings seen is the old Evergreen School which was destroyed by a tornado three years after this film was made. You can also catch glimpse of the second Port Kennedy School which is now an office building.

Betzwood Film Company, 1920. Directed by Ira M. Lowry. Starring Dan Mason, Wilna Hervey, Emma Wilcox, and Helen Gerould Rose.


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