Toonerville Follies


The good folks of Toonerville decide to put on a talent show to benefit the church and, as might be expected, it is a night filled with surprises. The new parson turns out to be the biggest surprise of all, until the Skipper shows up–with a gun. The film contains the silent cinema’s only talking parrot who has unfortunately learned everything he knows from the Terrible Tempered Mr. Bangs.

The talent show features instrumental and vocal music, recitations, and dramatic vignettes. It also features some very heavy talent in the form of Aunt Eppie Hogg, “the fattest woman in two counties!” and the only woman in Toonerville whose avoirdupois outranks that of the Powerful Katrinka. Her balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet nearly brings down the house. It certainly brings down the balcony.

Betzwood Film Company, 1921. Directed by Ira Lowry. Starring Dan Mason, Wilna Hervey, Bob Maximillian, Betty Bovee, and Emma Wilcox.


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