Now Showing: Toonerville Trolley Series


Skipper’s Narrow Escape

Watch Skipper’s Narrow Escape, Part 2.

The Toonerville Trolley films were the most successful and popular films ever made at the Betzwood studio. Based on the famed newspaper cartoons of Fontaine Fox, they were written by Fox himself. Only seven of the original seventeen two-reel comedies survive today. Copies of four have been added to the Betzwood Archive and efforts continue to raise money to save the rest before they are destroyed by nitrate decomposition.

For more information

The films starred actress Wilna Hervey. Read more about her life.

For further information see either of the two following articles:

Joseph P. Eckhardt, “Clatter, Sproing, Clunk, Went the Trolley,” Pennsylvania Heritage, Summer, 1992.

Joseph P. Eckhardt, “The Toonerville Trolley Films of the Betzwood Studio, Griffithiana, May, 1995.


4 thoughts on “Now Showing: Toonerville Trolley Series

  1. Ed Lorusso

    Just saw Wilna Wilde (Hervey) in a 1921 short comedy called SWEET DADDY starring Marcel Perez and Dorothy Earle. Are any of the existing TOONERVILLE shorts complete? Have you acquired all seven films?

    Ed Lorusso

    • jeckhard

      We have four 16mm prints of Toonerville films in which Wilna Hervey appears: THE SKIPPER’S NARROW ESCAPE; TOONERVILLE ‘BOOZEM’ FRIENDS; THE SKIPPER’S FLIRTATION; and TOONERVILLE FOLLIES. Other films exist in both archives and private collections but all of them are in need of conservation and cannot be screened.

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