Where The Road Divided


When a city slicker comes to town, a wise father should lock up his innocent daughter, lest she be led astray. Then, again, if he did, we wouldn’t have this story.

Edgar Jones and Louise Huff were briefly husband and wife and did most of their work at the Betzwood studio where Jones headed up one of the two permanent stock companies in residence. The rugged Jones and the tiny doe-eyed Huff were a perfect couple by early movie standards and the two made dozens of successful films together. They met at Betzwood and their romance was much publicized by the studio. Their marriage in January of 1914, at a church in Oaks, PA, was an event the locals did not soon forget. The couple were accompanied to church by a troop of Betzwood cowboys yelping and firing pistols into the air. Anticipating later Hollywood practices, the marriage ended in divorce in the summer of 1915.

Our 16mm print of this film came from the Library of Congress which saved the original negative from self-destruction about in the early 80s. The film had already suffered some damage at the time of its transfer to safety film, enough that the original two reel story has been reduced down to one reel, and there is at times a bit of noticeable nitrate decomposition.

The “vision” of the Big City that lures poor Louise Huff to her doom is a shot of Market Street in Philadelphia taken from the top of city hall.


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